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Pink Gemstone Inspired Resin Wall Art

Add a pop of color with this beauty of gemstone-inspired wall art. This wall art by Coastal Coasters is wood-based, uses the same fluid painting process, and then coated with resin. The fluid acrylic and resin wall art measures roughly 16" x 12". This beautiful artwork is ready to be hung as a vertical or horizontal layout, depending on your space. 


All Coastal Coaster items are individually developed on Long Island, New York.


The items in the Coastal Coasters online store aren't mass produce. 

You'll be purchasing the wall art above in the photos. So, if this item catches your eye, act quickly before someone else seizes it.



We ship directly using USPS Priority Mail, which is tracked. Your order will be delivered to you within 2-3 business days. Granted, USPS may have delays during certain times of the year.

Contact the Coastal Coasters Team for details.

Pink Gemstone Inspired Resin Wall Art

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