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Our handmade coasters take roughly a weeks time to be created. Our multi-step process ensures a well-crafted product. First, we assemble our fluid paint supplies, then apply the first step of color to the ceramic base. From there it takes roughly 2-3 days to dry. Once the paint is fully dried, we coat each coaster in resin to give it a high-end glass-like finish. The resin will take another 2 days or so to cure. To finish the coaster we clean up any leftover resin from the back and then apply the cork base. From there the coaster is ready for shipping.


Our handcrafted Coastal Coasters are sold in sets of four. Each set is created using a ceramic base, painted with acrylic medium, and finished with resin for a glass-like finish. Plus, each coaster is backed with cork to provide a non-slip experience. Our high-end coaster sets measure roughly 4" x 4". Colors are the same for each set, but each coaster has a unique design.



The Coastal Coasters online store offers small or limited-batch production. All online items are made with only a few sets at a time. Act quickly if something catches your eye, someone else grabs it!


Coastal Coasters are only $45/coaster set.

Free shipping across the USA
International shipping is available an
d will incur an additional fee. Contact us for details.

All Coastal Coasters items are crafted

in the USA on Long Island in New York

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