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Shop In-person Coast-to-Coast

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

We are so excited for this news! Coastal Coasters is available on the East Coast and the West Coast of the USA. (Insert happy dance!)

Coastal Coasters handmade coaster sets and home decor items are being sold at three locations on Long Island, New York . . .

1st & 2nd: The incredible Pandemonium Boutiques which are located in Babylon Village and Nortport are currently selling our beautiful mixed styles of handmade coaster sets and coastal home decor items.

3rd: Patch Print Ship & More Inc. located in Patchouge is currently selling our mixed styles of handmade coaster sets and a few coastal inspired home decor items.

We're so excited to see our Coastal Coasters items available in California! You can shop in-person at the Beachly Boutique, they offer curated beach apparel, accessories, beauty & home decor in the heart of the Carlsbad Village. Beachly Boutique are now carry Coastal Coasters trays and handmade coaster sets.

Coastal Coasters is working hard creating handmade home decor items to help YOU give the best in beach inspired gifts.


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