This handcrafted serving tray by Coastal Coasters was created using our signature paint process. The abstract style was developed through fluid painting and then finished with resin for a glass-like finish. This tray is in a dark brown finish, which allows the finish to stand out.


This serving tray by Coastal Coasters measures roughly 12" X 8" and was crafted on Long Island, New York.


The items in the Coastal Coasters online store aren't mass produce. You'll be purchasing the serving tray in the above photos. So, if this tray catches your eye, act quickly before someone else seizes it.


We mail all of our handmade items using USPS Priority Mail, which will be tracked. Your order will be delivered to you within 2-3 business days. Granted, USPS may have delays, which we'll communicate with you once we know more.  


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Serving Tray in Ocean Green with Gold Swirl